Discover Contentment



Discover Contentment

I define contentment as a state of inner peace, happiness, being at ease, and living in gratitude. A state that keeps us healthy and resilient. Life will always send us challenges (which I perceive as opportunities to learn and grow from) and how we respond to them, bounce back from them, is greatly impacted by our state of being. The KEY is that the state is not dependent on the external world. It must come from within. 

The Sanskrit word SANTOSHA means “complete contentment.”   It is the “practice of finding contentment and happiness regardless of external circumstances.” Come join me as I share my journey of Santosha while inspiring and supporting your journey. 

About Pam

I am Pam Schaefer and I am on a journey of health and wellness. Discover contentment with me by discovering lifestyle changes which increase our power to be in control of our well-being. Healing and maturing are greatly impacted by our mindset and habits.

I am a lifelong educator who has been committed to understanding human behavior and why it so easily becomes challenging. With recent research that explains the science behind our behavior, we now know how to change our behavior to reduce the challenges.

Professionally, I have been working with children and families as an Educator, Occupational Therapist, and Executive Leader. My career has also included research in Early Intervention Services, Curriculum Development, and Coaching. Most recently, I am a certified trainer for Marci Shimoff’s Happiness for No Reason program and facilitator of the Love for No Reason program.

Personally, I have been on a self-help journey, to support my healing from trauma and health challenges, to discover contentment.

What We Will Focus On

Six reasons to travel this journey together


Willingness to search within, explore, and heal


Living in truth through compassion


For self and all supports (family, community, planet, and the Universe)


Learning from challenges as a victor rather than a victim


Focusing on the value of what exists rather than what is missing


I'm here to support you throughout your journey

Gift yourself a healthy and happy life